What We Are doing?

MP Global Services has delivered many high-quality software solutions for a wide range of industries. These includes B2C consulting, software development, knowledgebase, eCommerce, intranet/extranet, website/web-portal design and development, domain registration, web hosting, interactive multi-media presentations, healthcare, real estate, community services...

Our Services
ASP Development
PERL Development
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C/C++ Development
DBMS Development
XML Web Development
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DBMS Development

Using database management systems such as Oracle RDBMS, Microsoft SQL Server and DB2, we offers, design and development of database and consultancy services for database management software. Spread over a wide range of application languages and interfaces, team includes Database Administration, Maintenance and Upgrading and Security and Content Integrity. We offer services to both single server departmental databases to large scale data warehouses.

Our team has become a boon for organizations for various activities such as daily transaction processing, random inquiries and analysis. Many of the modern day organizations have DBMS at the heart of their database application. DBMS runs on specially designed database server that contains all the data and information and helps in managing and organizing a collection of related and structured data. MP Global Services has great expertise and all resources to provide Database Management solutions that best suit your needs and budget.

Global Services offers design, development and consultancy services for database management software. We provide comprehensive solutions that help clients realize the benefits of using a well developed DBMS. Apart from design and planning, our firm also offers extensive backup and disaster recovery services.

The services offered by us can support a wide range of application languages and interfaces. We provide support for systems ranging from single server departmental databases to large scale data warehouses running on complex and clustered networks.

Database Administration

This feature includes monitoring and providing technical support for the DBMS, reviewing log files, errors checking and restoration services.

Maintenance and Upgrading

Apart from providing technology to meet client requirements, we also offer application maintenance and constant updates.

Security and Content Integrity

We have a team of software professionals who are specialized in security and disaster management techniques.

The database management systems used by us include:

Oracle RDBMS.
Microsoft SQL Server.

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